White Paper – Registration

Our White Paper explains why Zero Trust integrity for digital assets is important for the future of computing and for organizations everywhere. It also outlines what how to do that thoroughly and easily and bring trust and integrity to all your digital objects.

Globally Verifiable Identity 

This paper outlines why it’s important to give authenticity and provenance to your digital assets, whether PDFs or Office documents, or source code file, or binaries or builds.  The people and organizations you interact with trust you more if they can who really owns the documents they receive from you.

Cryptographic Verification

CodeNotary.io uses cryptographically strong SHA256 hashes for any notarized object and stores it in a distributed ledger, which can be verified and accessed by anyone, worldwide. Thus, the ownership, and the authenticity of any digital artifacts cannot be tampered with.

Simple Integration

Whether you want to integrate with your CRM, or your ERP, your Office365 for document notarization. Or whether you want to integrate with your CI/CD cycle with Github, or Gitlab, Travis, Maven etc, it can all be done in a matter of minutes. It’s easy with CodeNotary.io Our White Paper goes lays out all the above in a meaningful and poignant way. Get it now.